Pulsar Weeklies!

Pulsar Weeklies!

Welcome to Pulsar Weeklies!

All the information you need to know


On October 23rd, 2018, we will re-launch our weekly tournaments for the Rocket League community. Top players from all around North America can compete for their chance to show off their skills and take home the prize.

What we do:

Focusing on statistics is one of our key goals, keeping track of what how your team does and how you compare to the rest of the community will be great to show improvement and team progression. How many goals does my team score on average? How many times has the roster changed? How many tournaments have I played in? What is my win percentage against this team? We will have the answers to all of these and more!


Pulsar Weeklies will start off with a $30 prize pool given to the winner of the event.



-Best of 3 until the quarter finals and finals where it will be best of 5.

-Lower bracket will be best of 1 until quarter finals where it will become best of 3.

-First game must be played on a standard map (DFH by default)

-FIRST, Winner of map bans a map (Selection below)

-THEN, Loser of map picks a map (Selection below)

-You may not pick a map you have won on this series (Exception: Standard map)

-Decisions must be made through Smash.gg chat

Map pick/ban list:

-Standard maps

-Badlands (Old wasteland)

-Tokyo Underpass (Old Neo Tokyo)

-Throwback Stadium (Anniversary map)

-Arctagon (Starbase arc)


-Game mode: Private match – Team Size: 3 – Match Time: 5 Minutes – Default Arena: DFH Stadium – Server: North America (US-East)

-Teams may agree to play on North America (US-West). Both teams must agree


-Spectators are forbidden in matches unless both teams agree to allow them. However, select games will be subject to shoutcasting. Before that series is played, a team may be contacted by a shoutcaster on Smash.gg, and accommodations MUST be made in order to allow the casters to spectate matches.


-Coaching is allowed

-Coaches are not allowed to spectate any matches.

-Coaches are allowed to be in voice communication.


-If your match is being casted by PPL, please follow instructions given by an admin on Smash.gg prior to the start of the match. These will include: – Your lobby name and password: which will also be shared with the casters – Team colors: which will remain the same for all games in the match


-If a player disconnects mid game, they can not rejoin until the game is finished. A substitute cannot be used until the current game is finished. Disconnects and lag issues will qualify for a rematch if the issues occur within the first 30 seconds of the game and no goals have been scored by your opponent.


-Teams are permitted only one substitute

-Players may be switched out between games but not during them. Any substitutes used must be registered on the team roster.


-Please resolve any issues that may hinder the playing of a game prior to a match. Hardware problems may lead to disqualification. Any agreements made between teams prior to a match must be presented by both teams. The game settings must be correct in every game. All players must be eligible.

1.9 Discord

-You are not required to join the discord; however, joining our discord gives you better access to immediate support and information about how to compete in our events.

-Our discord provides informative instructions on our unique systems and rulesets.


-Please use your Smash.gg chat to contact admins for any issues

-You may also use our discord for additional support

-Feel free to contact use at PulsarPremier@gmail.com for any support or inquiries


-Everyone must adhere to the decisions and rules of the PPL organizers and admins. All decisions are final. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers or admins, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden.


-Every player must be playing with a fully updated, unmodified version of Rocket League. All updates should be done well before a scheduled match.


-Teams are responsible for their own hardware and internet issues. If both teams agree, the series can be paused until issues are resolved. The maximum allowed pause time is 10 minutes.


-There is a zero tolerance on offensive words or being disrespectful to any player or admin, 1st time offense is a DQ and 2nd offense may lead to permanent ban. Proof must be shown either through video (recording or twitch) or a screenshot.

[The Pulsar Premier League reserves all rights to change any rule(s) at any given time and notice may not be given to the players]