New Season!

New Season!

Brand New Season:

Pulsar Premier League is back and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Along with the announcement of Pulsar Weeklies, PPL is back with a brand new season to continue where we left off late 2016.


Pulsar Premier League comeback season will begin qualifiers in the beginning of December, that's right, December 2018. The actual league will take place in the beginning of January!


Qualifiers will be during Pulsar Weeklies. In the month of December, we will be keeping track of how every team does for placements. You will receive "x" amount of points based off of your performance during the weeklies and in the end, your weekly points will be added up to give you your team's grand total and determine your spot in league play.

How many teams will qualify?

Good question! As of right now we are going to shoot for

  • Premier League - 10 teams
  • Division 1 - 20 teams
  • Division 2 - 20 teams
  • Division 3 - 20 teams

These are just goals and amount of teams may vary for divisions 1-3

How will league play work?

After qualifiers teams will be given their schedule matches. Each team will play two separate days of the week for a month (4 weeks).


Of course! We are still working out how much the prize will be and it will be announced as soon as we have a set in stone answer. We don't want to misinform anybody!


Rules will be generally the same as Pulsar Weeklies with a few minor adjustments here and there to suit league play. Refer to the Pulsar Weekly rules.


This is where we want to make a difference. After a match your team will save all replays and upload them to Pulsar Premier league discord under the appropriate section (Tutorial video in discord). Our bot will take all your individual statistics and upload them to where they can be seen by everyone. How many shots, goals, assist, saves, points, wins, losses, will be taken by every player and put on a leader board to give recognition where it is due.


We just want to thank the Rocket League community, and on behalf of Pulsar Premier League, enjoy!