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Season 2 Rules – Pulsar Premier League
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Season 2 Rules


(The Premier Division has a slightly altered rule set that will be available to them.)




–          Regular Season – Best of 5

–          Game mode: Private match

–          Team Size: 3

–          Match Time: 5 Minutes

–          Default Arena: DFH Stadium

–          Server: North America (US-East/US-West)


Teams can agree to play all games on a different server. If teams cannot agree, games will be played as follows:

Game 1: East

Game 2: West

Game 3: East

Game 4: West

Game 5: Team who is placed higher in the current standings chooses

If a west-based team is matched against an EU team, all matches must be played on East. (this is the only way to be as fair as possible towards all teams.)



There are three default times when matches can be played, however, a match can be played outside of the default timeframes if both teams agree. The default match times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7pm to 12am EST. If a team cannot make the default timeframes and no other time can be agreed on, they will forfeit their matches for that week. Teams are given seven days to complete their weekly matchup(s). If by the end of those seven days, neither team is able to play during the default match times or agree on an alternate match time and complete their match, then the specified game will be forfeited and counted as losses for both teams. If evidence can be provided showing that only one team is at fault, the decision will be reviewed and a different conclusion may be made.


These time frames are in place to ensure fair scheduling between both teams. This will minimize the ability of a team to exploit the scheduling system.


The schedule that is released in the beginning of the season is set and final. There will be no alterations to the schedule unless approved by PPL admins. Teams are responsible for scheduling their own games, and this can be done using Steam or the private discord servers we will provide for each team captain.



Spectators are forbidden in matches unless both teams agree to allow them. However, select games will be subject to shoutcasting. Before that series is played, a team may be contacted by a shoutcaster, and accommodations MUST be made in order to allow the casters to spectate matches.



Participants can choose to forfeit a series if they wish. Doing so will result in the loss of the series.



.If your match is being casted by the PPL, please follow instructions given by an admin prior to the start of the match. These will include:

–          Your lobby name and password which will also be shared with the casters

–          Team colors which will remain the same for all games in the match



If a player disconnects, the team must continue playing. The player who disconnected can reconnect at any time if their issue is resolved.  A substitute cannot be used until the current game is finished. Disconnects and lag issues will only qualify for a rematch if the issues occur within the first 30 seconds of the game and no goals have been scored.  





All players participating in the PPL must have their Rocket League names on file. This is needed to contact players regarding matches and in case of conflict. To participate in the PPL, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have created an account on our website
  • Your Rocket League account must be in good standing
  • You are on only 1 team in the PPL.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be unable to participate in the PPL.



Team and player information will not be permitted to change once the competition has begun. This includes game accounts and team names. The only exception to a team name change is in the case of a sponsorship change and the validity of this name change will be determined by an admin.  


Any player participating under a team name must be on their official roster.  Playing a match with an unregistered teammate is prohibited. Players must compete under their officially registered PPL names during all season matches.



A team’s roster can consist of up to 5 players: 3 players with an option of 2 substitutes.  A player can only participate under a team's name if they have been registered on their roster.  All roster changes must be made prior to the start of a season. Two emergency roster changes may be made per season, but a PPL admin must be notified before the change is made.  If a team has 5 players on their roster and they'd like to add someone, one player must be removed from their current roster. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers will result in disciplinary action.  A player is not permitted to play for more than one team in the PPL.



Teams are permitted only two substitutes. Players may be switched out between games but not during them.  Any substitutes used must be registered on the team roster.





In order to report the results of a game, a screenshot MUST be taken of the score screen. Without a screenshot, the matches will not be counted and must be replayed.  There must be a screenshot of each score screen for each game played in the series. The screenshots then must be uploaded to the match-uploader on the PPL website. If no scores are reported at the end of the week, the matches will count as losses for both teams.

Screenshots must be formatted as follows: Week number | Game number | Team name vs Team name


Example: W1 | Game 3 | Team Rocket vs Kings of Urban



In order to move up in the rankings, teams will be awarded points. For winning a match, a team will be awarded three points. For losing a match, a team will not gain or lose any points. The Premier Division has a slightly altered point system.  (Refer to Season 2 Overview)





There will be a seasonal playoff tournament the week following the conclusion of the 5 weeks of league play. The top 6 teams from each group (12 teams in each division) will be placed into a 12-team single elimination bracket and compete for the first place championship title.



Please resolve any issues that may hinder the playing of a game prior to a match. Hardware problems may lead to disqualification. Any agreements made between teams prior to a match must be presented by both teams. The game settings must be correct in every game. All players must be eligible.



To keep seasons as efficient as possible, PPL reserves the right to disqualify teams. Actions leading to disqualification include, but are not limited to: (1) deliberately delaying or manipulating match times to exploit the scheduling system (in some scenarios both teams may be affected), (2) using a known exploit, (3) or excessive unsportsmanlike conduct. Any further offences may result in disqualification from the league.




Please use your assigned discord channels to contact your admin. If your message recieves no response within 2 days, contact PulsarPremier@gmail.com.


5.1  Discord

All team captains will be assigned a discord for their Division for the purpose of scheduling. This discord may also be used to express complaints and criticisms and to request name changes. The discord admin is required to check messages once a day.


5.2  Admins

Everyone must adhere to the decisions and rules of the PPL organizers and admins. All decisions are final. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers or admins, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden.





Every player must be playing with a fully updated, unmodified version of Rocket League.  All updates should be done well before a scheduled match.  



Teams are responsible for their own hardware and internet issues. If both teams agree, the game can be paused until issues are resolved. The maximum allowed pause time is 30 minutes. Refer to 1.7 for further detail.


[The Pulsar Premier League reserves all rights to change any rule(s) at any given time and notice may not be given to the players]