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Season 2 Qualifier Info! – Pulsar Premier League
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Season 2 Qualifier Info!


We’d like congratulate the following teams for being invited into our PlayUK.com Premiership Qualifier:

If your team name is not listed above, that you will be in the Division Qualifier on Saturday!

The season 2 qualifier is going to be a Swiss-system tournament.  There will be 6-7 rounds of BO3, and every team will play every round.  Round 1 will be randomly seeded.  At the end of Round 1, half of the teams will have a 1-0 record, and the other half will have an 0-1 record.  Teams with identical records will be paired up together in Round 2.  In Round 3, teams are paired with identical records again, either 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2.  This will continue for the designated amount of rounds.  By the end of the tournament, there will be ample data to accurately seed teams into the PPL where they belong.  Times and dates for both qualifiers can be seen here.  All teams MUST be in our discord 30 minutes prior to the event for check in.  PPL Discord Link.