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Season 2 Overview – Pulsar Premier League
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Season 2 Overview




The teams in the PPL for season 2 are determined by a set of qualifying tournaments.  The Premier Division’s qualifier is an invitational tournament, and the top 10 teams are placed in the Premier Division.  Any teams who did not make it into the Premier Division and all other teams who signed up for the league will be placed in a qualifying tournament to determine who will fill the remaining spots of the PPL.



The Pulsar premier league divides teams up by their skill level into evenly seeded divisions.  These seeds are determined by a team's placement in the qualifying tournament.  There are 4 Divisions in the PPL, each with 2 groups.


Premier: NA and EU

D1: Orange and Blue

D2: Orange and Blue

D3: Orange and Blue


Each Division consists of 20 teams, and each division is split into two groups of 10 teams.  Teams will play only their own division until the playoffs, where the top teams of each group face off head-to-head to determine the true Division champions.



Once the divisions and groups are set, teams will then be given a schedule and will play each team in their group once over the following 5 weeks.



Team communication will be done through specified Discord servers.  All team captains are required to be in a designated server.  In these servers, teams can contact each other, ask admins questions, and discuss weekly games.



There are three default times when matches can be played, however, a match can be played outside of the default timeframes if both teams agree. The default match times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7pm to 12am EST. If a team cannot make the default timeframes and no other time can be agreed on, they will forfeit their matches for that week. Teams are given seven days to complete their weekly matchup(s). If by the end of those seven days, neither team is able to play during the default match times or agree on an alternate match time and complete their match, then the specified game will be forfeited and counted as losses for both teams. If evidence can be provided showing that only one team is at fault, the decision will be reviewed and a different conclusion may be made.


These time frames are in place to ensure fair scheduling between both teams. This will minimize the ability of a team to exploit the scheduling system.


(Due to the twitch casting schedule, the Premier Division will be under a slightly altered schedule)



Premier Division:

Win = +3

OT Loss = +1

Loss = +0


Division 1, 2, and 3:

Win = +3

Loss = +0



When a game is completed, a screenshot MUST be taken of the final score screen.  When a series is completed, all screenshots must be titled as directed in the rules and uploaded to the ‘Match Uploader’ on the PPL website.



Standings are based on a team's points and losses.  A tie-breaker in points is determined by whichever team has fewer losses, and a tie-breaker in points and losses is determined by whichever ever team won in their head-to-head matchup during season-play.






At a season’s end, teams who performed well will make it into the PPL Play-offs.  The top 6 teams in each group (orange and blue) with be entered into a single 12-team tournament bracket.  The rank a team finishes the season with determines their seed for the playoffs.  The better a team performs, the better their seed.  The play-offs are a best-of-5, single elimination bracket;  with the finals and third place matches being a best-of-7.







Premier NA


The Rank 10 team in the Premier NA Division is relegated to D1.

Premier EU




The top D1 team is promoted to the Premier division the corresponds to their location.

The bottom 4 teams are removed from the league and must requalify to re-enter the league.


The top 2 teams in each D2 sub-division is promoted to the D1 division.

The bottom 4 teams are removed from the league and must requalify to re-enter the league.


The top 2 teams in each D3 sub-division is promoted to the D2 division.

The bottom 4 teams are removed from the league and must requalify to re-enter the league.