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Info – Pulsar Premier League
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First step, you need to sign into the website.  There are two ways to do this.

  1. Use your steam login and it will automatically take your steam name and photo

  2. Make an account through the website, but be sure to make your account name match your steam name

After your team has played in the league qualifiers, we will create a team page for your team and assign the team captain to be the admin of the team page.  Once the captain is the admin, have the remaining players on your team request to be a part of the team.  The team admin can then accept their requests and they are now a part of your team! There is also a page editor and you can customize the page how you like!

DO NOT accept players into your team that do not belong.  Players use your team page to determine who to contact to set up game times, and if this information is incorrect a game may be forfeited due to contact difficulties.  If a team continues to violate this rule, they are subject to disqualification.  Please help us make this an easy process for all teams involved!



What is the Pulsar Premier League?

The Pulsar Premier League is a season-style league designed to encompass players of all ranges of skill in Rocket League.  Teams that enter are separated into divisions depending on their skill level.  This is intended to ensure that all players and teams are constantly challenged by people at their own skill level, and give each team an equal fighting chance to become champions of their division.


Is this league open to everyone?

Yes!  This league is open to anyone and everyone of any skill level.


What if you don’t have a team?

Teams can be created for the sole purpose of competing in the PPL. This league was created to give players a competitive scene, but also as a way for players to challenge themselves and play from week to week while improving along the way.  Players are encouraged to grab some friends or some recent opponents and start playing together as a team.  While it may be a competition, players are welcome to come join in just for fun as well!


What if you don’t have a lot of spare time to dedicate to the Pulsar Premier League?

PPL was designed to have very loose scheduling to allow players to easily schedule games from week to week.  Each team is scheduled two match-ups per week.  Each match-up will consist of a ‘best-of-five’ series, and teams will schedule the matches themselves using our messaging system or an alternate method.  That’s anywhere from only 30-50 minutes a week in order to complete the scheduled match-ups.