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A little bit to clear things up – Pulsar Premier League
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A little bit to clear things up


Hey everyone, I understand there has been a lot of confusion lately so I just want to explain everything that has happened in the past few days.

We initially intended on having a qualifier in order to give us more data on teams we already knew a good bit of info on, and especially for the newer teams we knew nothing about.  Our intention was to use the results from the qualifier in addition to data we’d collected about performances of each team in order to accurately seed teams where they would perform well. In hindsight, I realize that we should have not called them “qualifiers” because they were not the only factor we used to seed teams.  I also realize we should have explained more in depth how we were seeding teams, and I honestly didn’t realize it would have caused problems and for that I apologize.   I had explained to teams that if they did not make qualifiers, it would not eject them from the league but would hinder their ability to be placed in the league.  For the two higher teams that did not make qualifier, Mock-it EU and iBP, it did place them at the bottom of our list for qualifiers, but they have done so well in their pasts that it kept them in the top ten.  If we had put a team like iBP into a lower division, it would be unfair to all teams in that division.  With every new event we put on we learn from it and will work on improving every way we can.  The qualifiers helped a great deal for us to seed the top ten for both regions.  In the end, we are trying to give everyone the best experience inside and outside of the league, and we will get better day after day.   We are sorry for any confusion or frustration we have brought anyone.



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